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Monday, December 7, 2015

Social Media Today: How Automation Optimizes Your Social Media Marketing Effort

"Being social also means that you are exposed to potential damage. A marketer needs to stay abreast of any social media activity that poses social risks to a business, its brand value, or employee recognition. And employees create by far the biggest risk in that regard. A business needs to ensure compliance with government rules and regulations, as well as to protect its data and reputation.

Tools like SecureMySocial give employees real-time warnings if they are violating a company’s policies by leaking data, saying inappropriate things, breaking laws, or doing other things wrong. It scans posts by employees made from anywhere for internal keywords like product names, employee names, IP terms, and any foul language, and, if it finds a problem, either immediately lets an employee know, or, if the employee allows it to, automatically removes the post without requiring anyone to have to think about what might go wrong. It also scans posts to protect employees from harming themselves: their careers, their relationships, their finances, and even their physical safety. The best part is that you can customize security rules based on the nature of your business and employees will get automatic alerts in real time – so you can protect your business and your employees from harm without having to monitor them."

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