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Thursday, February 15, 2024

CyberSecurity Expert Witness Joseph Steinberg Launches New Website


New York, NY – February 15, 2025 - SecureMySocial, Inc. is proud to announce that its co-founder, Joseph Steinberg, who serves as a cybersecurity expert witness and cybersecurity keynote speaker has launched a new website,


 About Joseph Steinberg


Joseph Steinberg serves as a cybersecurity-focused expert witness, board member, and advisor to businesses and governments around the world. He has led organizations within the cybersecurity industry for over 25 years, and has written books ranging from the best-selling Cybersecurity for Dummies to the official study guide from which many CISOs study for certification exams in advanced information-security management. He also amassed millions of readers as a regular columnist for Inc., Forbes, and Newsweek; today, his independent column, Joseph Steinberg: Totally Candid, receives many millions of monthly views. He can be reached at