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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Inc.: 3 Serious Facebook Security Holes You Didn't Know About

"Recent security and privacy-related revelations about Facebook should concern every Facebook user. Here is what you need to know - and how to protect yourself..."

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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

SecureMySocial Issued Patent For Social Media Security

SecureMySocial Issued Patent For Social Media Security

June 28, 2016 – New York, NY – SecureMySocial, Inc. announced today the issuance to it by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office of a patent that covers various aspects of social media security.

U.S. Patent number 9,374,374, entitled “Systems and Methods for Securing Social Media for Users and Businesses and Rewarding for Enhancing Security,” discloses a robust invention that addresses the growing risk that information posted to social media may cause damage to individuals and other entities.

“This patent claims methods for securing information from unintentional publication by end users of social media sites – and is the first of several filings associated with SecureMySocial’s technology that warns people if they are making social media posts that may harm themselves or their employers,” said Joseph Steinberg, CEO of SecureMySocial. “We are happy to be able to bring to our customers patent-protected technology that can help protect them from data leaks, PR nightmares, and costly lawsuits, as well as allow them to leverage their employees as de-facto brand ambassadors in a far safer fashion than was possible before.”

About SecureMySocial

SecureMySocial protects businesses and people from the risks of inappropriate social media usage by warning users of social media in real time if they are making posts that could harm themselves or their employers. By offering SecureMySocial to employees, businesses may reduce their exposure to bad publicity, human resource issues, lawsuits, and regulatory fines. For more information please visit, send email to, or call +1 (646) 546-5621. SecureMySocial is on Twitter at @SecureMySocial - #SocialMedia #SocialMediaSecurity #SecureMySocial