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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Forbes: 5 Tips For Keeping Your Business Safe On Social Media With Joseph Steinberg

Forbes publishes an exclusive interview with SecureMySocial's CEO, Joseph Steinberg, about keeping businesses safe on social media.

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5 Tips For Keeping Your Business Safe On Social Media With Joseph Steinberg

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Clearswift and SecureMySocial Announce Combined Offering

Clearswift and SecureMySocial Announce Combined Offering

Data Loss Prevention to combat social media information leaks; anytime, anywhere.
THEALE, England & NEW YORK-- February 18, 2016 --Clearswift, a global cyber security innovator and data loss prevention specialist, and SecureMySocial, provider of the world’s first comprehensive social media information-leak-prevention technology, today announced a joint offering that will enable businesses to protect critical information from threats regardless of employees’ locations or the medium used for communication. With the new joint offering, information leaks can be prevented whether employees try to send out sensitive data via email, by posting on social media, or some other means.
Data loss and information leaks can severely harm a business. Employees accidentally emailing out confidential documents, inadvertently posting sensitive information on social media, or intentionally removing proprietary data are a big risk to organizations. Various incidents have caused businesses to lose deals to competitors, be fined by government bodies and sued in court, be hit with public-relations nightmares and damaged reputations, and suffer other serious consequences. Some firms have even suffered severe breaches after hackers exploited information overshared by employees on social media to craft spear phishing emails that ultimately undermined organizational information-security defenses.
Together, Clearswift and SecureMySocial deliver the benefit of comprehensive, adaptive data loss prevention. The combined, fully automated solution is achieved without impacting the high performance and optimized application delivery expected on mission critical systems.
“Clearswift is focused on providing complete adaptive data loss prevention for organizations across many different sectors,” said Dr. Guy Bunker, SVP Products at Clearswift. “Our customers trust us to provide comprehensive protection of their critical information, and as such, we are excited to announce our new joint offering with SecureMySocial which will allow us to protect our customers’ critical information in a far more comprehensive fashion than ever before. Social media has become a major platform for communication, but many data loss prevention systems do not yet address the potential risks that employees on social media can pose to corporate information. With the new joint offering, Clearswift is once again ‘changing the game’, by offering our customers complete critical information protection on the platforms that organizations and their employees are using today. Our relationship with SecureMySocial also affords us the opportunity and resources to enhance our value proposition for joint customers.”
The new partnership allows Clearswift and SecureMySocial to provide a highly scalable secure application platform, taking full advantage of Clearswift’s unique Adaptive Redaction technology, as well as SecureMySocial’s social media security capabilities. Additionally, the combined offering enables the user to proactively detect and mitigate information loss risks, alerting organizations to potential internal or external data breaches; immediately.
“Data loss risks are growing along with various demographic shifts – including the entering into the workforce of a generation accustomed to oversharing, and the emergence of social media as a primary medium for providing and receiving information – trends that together are causing the risk of serious data leaks to increase with time. It is imperative that businesses secure themselves with comprehensive and adaptive data loss prevention technologies so that they do not suffer potentially devastating damage from leaks occurring on some unprotected platform. The combined power of Clearswift and SecureMySocial delivers the necessary security and peace of mind,” said Joseph Steinberg, CEO of SecureMySocial.
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About Clearswift
Clearswift is trusted by organizations globally to protect their critical information, giving them the freedom to securely collaborate and drive business growth. The unique technology supports a straightforward and ‘adaptive’ data loss prevention solution, avoiding the risk of business interruption and enabling organizations to have 100% visibility of their critical information 100% of the
About SecureMySocial
SecureMySocial protects businesses and other organizations from information leaks, reputational damage, legal issues, regulatory violations, and other problems created by employees using social media. By warning people in real time if they are making potentially problematic social media posts (e.g., that may leak confidential information, violate regulations, contain unacceptable language, or help criminals architect spear-phishing and other attacks), SecureMySocial delivers security without the need for employers to actively monitor employees’ social media activity.
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I-Sight: Top 20 Tips for Preventing Data Theft

  1. Beware of personal devices.
“Make sure that you have policies and technology to address the risk of people bringing personal devices to work,” says Joseph Steinberg, CEO of SecureMySocial. “All access to the Internet from such devices – or from devices brought by visitors to your office – should be done via a separate network than is used for company computers. Many routers come equipped with such a capability. Personal devices can be infected with malware that can steal data if the devices are connected to corporate networks.”
  1. Implement social media policies.
“Create, and enforce with technology, appropriate social media policies. Don’t pretend that policies alone will ensure that employees don’t make inappropriate social media posts – you need technology to help with this task as people make mistakes – and they can be costly to your business. Many breaches start with criminals crafting spear phishing emails based on overshared information on social media,” says Steinberg.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Geektime: SecureMySocial stops users from posting stupid statuses

"Throw a stone at a crowd of millennials and you are bound to hit at least one who has gotten into hot water due to some social media faux pas. While most cases are generally stupid off the cuff comments, posting on Facebook and Twitter can sometimes have wider effects than the poster may have imagined..."

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