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Friday, November 13, 2015

Inc.: How a Single Social Media Blunder Cost a University $2-Million

A single social media incident cost the University of Illinois $2-Million. Here is what happened, and how you can protect yourself from similar problems.

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Social Media Club: How to Increase Relevant Social Media Shares for Your Content

This article in Social Media Club notes that:
"In some cases we need the opposite help; we make social media posts that can harm us. For businesses, reputation management, information protection, and obeying laws are imperative, but employees using social media can easily undermine these efforts. With Social Media real time protection technologies likeSecureMySocial, businesses can give employees a tool that will alert the employees if they make social media posts that can cause problems. If employees allow, SecureMySocial can automatically delete such posts. Using this real time solution can help a brand avoid a reputation management issue or regulatory violations, and can protect employees from harming their careers or getting into trouble in other ways."
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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Entrepreneur Names SecureMySocial One of the "The Top Social Media Tools for Working Smarter, Not Harder"

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Every business should have a social-media policy. Social-media policies are designed to keep companies and employees safe from legal and regulatory actions, employment termination, and reputation-management issues. We hear about employees being let go all the time over things posted to social media that violate a company’s policy.
SecureMySocial, a new offering created by cybersecurity veteran, Joseph Steinberg, alerts people in real time if they make social-media posts that may break the law, violate internal-policy guidelines, deface their employer’s brand, or might otherwise harm either the person making the post or their employer. Within seconds of a problematic post being made from anywhere, SecureMySocial can notify the poster with information as to why the post may be problematic and instructions on how to remove the post, or it can even automatically and instantly delete the post if so authorized. This is a potential lifesaver.