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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Social Media Explorer: How to Plan a Rockstar B2B Social Media Marketing Plan

"For more robust protection, and to prevent employee posts from causing problems whether they are positive or negative, tools like SecureMySocial are best to use. SecureMySocial will not only monitor and address posts that employees make related to your brand, but it will also notify employees in real time if they are making other kinds of posts that may be problematic: such as giving away sensitive information, saying things that could help competitors, making posts that break laws, or even giving hackers information they need to hack you. Alerts will be delivered privately to the employees and let them know that the content they have posted may be potentially harmful and ask them to remove it, or, if you authorize SecureMySocial to do so, it can even automatically remove such posts immediately. For larger businesses, SecureMySocial is a must."

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