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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Ransomware: Why It Will Cause Even More Damage and Destruction in 2018

Ransomware – that is, computer malware that prevents users from accessing their files until they pay a ransom to some criminal enterprise – has already inflicted billions of dollars in damage and has been detected in the infrastructure of nearly half of all businesses.
Sadly, ransomware still remains a growing threat – one that is likely to become an even bigger danger to innocent people and organizations in 2018. Here are eight reasons why:
5. People share too much information on social media
Cybercriminals increasingly scan social media – sometimes with automated tools – to find information that can be used against companies and their employees; attackers then leverage the information that they find to deliver ransomware. For example, they may craft highly-effective spear-phishing emails credible enough to trick employees into clicking on URLs to ransomware-delivering websites or into opening ransomware-infected attachments.
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