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Monday, November 21, 2016

SecureMySocial Stops People From Sharing Fake News Stories On Facebook

SecureMySocial Stops People From Sharing Fake News Stories On Facebook
Patented technology warns social media users in real time if they share links to known fake-news sites.

New York, NY - November 21, 2016 - SecureMySocial, Inc. announced today that its flagship, eponymous offering now warns users immediately if they try to make social media posts that link to fake news.

The problem of fake news being shared on social media – especially on Facebook – has received significant media attention as a result of the widespread dissemination of misinformation during recent presidential campaign, with some people even arguing that fake news contributed to Sec. Hillary Clinton’s loss to President-elect Donald Trump. While some experts have proposed that social media providers censor their users, SecureMySocial’s approach of warning users if they are making inappropriate posts can provide adequate protection without violating people’s right to free speech. The firm’s patented technology operates invisibly to users, and warns them in real time if they are making posts that link to known fake news sites. In some cases, if so authorized by the people who it is protecting, SecureMySocial can even auto-delete such posts.

“Since SecureMySocial was first released into beta it has been able to warn users if they were sharing links to fake news sites,” said Joseph Steinberg, CEO of SecureMySocial. “Today, however, we are happy to announce that blocking fake news links has been added as a basic feature. By simply clicking a checkbox within the SecureMySocial configuration panel, both businesses and individuals can dramatically improve their protection against the risk of looking ignorant as a result sharing fake news.”

Earlier this year, SecureMySocial was issued U.S. Patent number 9,374,374, entitled “Systems and Methods for Securing Social Media for Users and Businesses and Rewarding for Enhancing Security,” which discloses a robust invention that addresses the growing risk that posts to social media may cause damage to individuals and other entities. The firm, which offers technology to businesses to protect them and their employees against numerous types of social media dangers, has other related patent filings at various stages along the approval process.

About SecureMySocial

SecureMySocial protects businesses and people from the risks of inappropriate social media usage by warning users of social media in real time if they are making posts that could harm themselves or their employers. By offering SecureMySocial to employees, businesses may reduce their exposure to bad publicity, human resource issues, lawsuits, and regulatory fines. For more information please visit, send email to, or call +1 (646) 546-5621. SecureMySocial is on Twitter at @SecureMySocial - #SocialMedia #SocialMediaSecurity #SecureMySocial

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