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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Inc. to Publish Column by Joseph Steinberg, CEO of SecureMySocial

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New York, NY - August 20, 2015 - SecureMySocial announced today that Inc., one of America’s leading business publications, has begun carrying the popular column written by SecureMySocial’s CEO, Joseph Steinberg.

In his column, Business, CyberSecurity, and Life, Steinberg offers thought leadership on topics related to both cybersecurity and running a business, as well as some general human interest pieces. Steinberg’s column, which was previously published by Forbes since the column's inception in 2012, attracted over three million readers last year.

Steinberg’s column appears on Inc. at:

For more about Joseph Steinberg please visit:

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SecureMySocial protects businesses and people from the risks of inappropriate social media usage by warning users of social media in real time if they are making posts that could harm themselves or their employers. By offering SecureMySocial to employees, businesses may reduce their exposure to bad publicity, human resource issues, lawsuits, and regulatory fines. For more information please visit, send email to, or call +1 (646) 546-5621.

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